Team Leader:  Dr.  Harutyun Marzpanyan

Has more than 30 years of research and lecturing experience in various social-economic disciplines. His main area of expertise includes political economy of transition, human development, social change, poverty, social policy and migration. He was involved in various research projects both nationally and internationally. Particularly, from 2005 to 2007 the YSU research group led by Dr. H. Marzpanyan (team leader) and included Dr. G. Siroyan (Senior researcher), in collaboration with Rostov State University (Russian Federation), Social-Economic University of Macedonia (Greece) and Kingston University (UK) carried out a grant project “East-West Migration: Causes and Consequences” funded by INTAS.

Research Leader: Dr. Ada Babloyan (Senior Researcher)

Has more than 10 years of research and lecturing experience in various social-economic disciplines. Her PhD thesis was devoted to the problems of social-economic conflicts and their settlement in Armenia, including labor conflicts and human capital related aspects therein. She has vast experience in social reoject team-msearch and methodology design and implementation, being specialized both in quantitative and qualitative survey methods, as well as possesses qualifications in mixed methods approach. Her main areas of expertise include conflict analysis and resolution, economic sociology, social survey methods and techniques. She has been involved in a number of academic and policy oriented researches and impact evaluation surveys funded both by international organizations and local governmental/private sector institutions.

Senior Researcher : Dr. Sedrak Astvatsaturov 

Has more than 25 years of research and lecturing experience in various sociological and conflictology disciplines. Being an associated professor of the Chair of Applied Sociology he has delivered lectures on basics of social policy in transition, as well as on socio-economic and labour conflicts. His main area of expertise includes sociological research of social risks in Armenian transition society, social policy issues, risks management in communities, etc. He has participated in a number of national and international joint projects.

Senior Researcher:  Dr. Ruben Markosyan 

Has more than 15 years experience of working with young people and development of youth policies. Currently, he is a Secretary of the National Youth Policy Council under the Prime-Minister of Armenia. His main area of expertise includes youth policy, youth participation, employment and education. Dr. Markosyan has long-term experience of youth researches. He was an expert/co-author of two National Youth Reports carried out in Armenia (2006, 2011). He was the main responsible author/editor of Social-Economic Chapter of first National Youth Report. He was a member of the European Network of Experts on Youth Research.

Junior Researcher: Mr. Arman Udumyan

He did his master in European Social Policy at London School of Economics. Meantime, he interned at the London-based Synergy Centre advising the Director on various aspects of social policy and welfare systems including an innovative combination of social networking, Local Exchange and Trading Systems (LETS), and work-based training services. In particular, he was involved in the activities of adjusting work-based training services to the community needs and providing a partial in-community employment for the excluded and the unemployed young people by granting them free access to the Synergy-based and -organized training-courses, lectures and parties. Currently, he is an expert on youth employment issues in the National Youth Council under the Prime Minister of Armenia.

Project Assitant: Baghdasaryan Armine

Project Mentor:  Dr. Didier Ruedin (Swiss Forum for Migration and Population Studies)